What a fun show!  Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival brings amazing artist from all over the US to our neighborhood.  With the local flavors of food, music and hospitality, the artists are treated to a wonderful taste of the deep South.  Each year we are given the work of the artist selected to represent the festival.  From this work, we create glass pieces combining colors, dichroic glass and sepia iron oxide imagery.


It was our honor this year to work with a piece from Ellie Ali (NY, NY).  Learn more about Ellie and enjoy her work @ EllieAli.com.

The process starts with understanding the artist’s work and then, considering glass, imagery and the need to make several awards.  WorkingTheImage3

Most shows give ribbons.  RFAF has chosen since the first year to give a custom glass award.  The look on the artists’ faces!  I am so honored to have a part. And then to win an award…well, you get it.


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